Traffic exchange – Nice Autosurf

Nice autosurf is a free traffic exchange started in 2008 and delivers hits on websites, PTP thanks to two viewer : with a browser or with their AppViewer. It will increase your traffic slowly.

The website is available in english and also in french.

NiceApp viewer

Like the traffic exchange Netvisiteurs, Nice autosurf has an app viewer which is very stable, blocks popups, sounds, download, … so it allow to surf 24h/24 and on several IP.

NiceApp traffic exchange app viewer

Traffic exchange – Netvisiteurs

Netvisiteurs is a traffic exchange opened on 2009, is french auto surf, it helps on increase visits on websites trhanks to several viewbar (browser and app viewbar).

All its mains features are free ! yes ! free ! you just need to have credits in order to use them, it simple as that. Obviously, you also buy credits if you do not want to spend times to surf in order to earn credits.

Mains features

  • App and browser Viewers
  • unlimited website (add 10 daily)
  • daily credits bonus
  • hide referer
  • custom and random timer length (up to 165 seconds)
  • advert text and banner
  • NO LIMIT buying option : unlimited hits, no credit needed !

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Traffic exchange App viewer

Netvisiteurs as hitleap traffic exchange has an app viewer runnable on windows exclusively, it blocks bad ads, virus, sounds, popups and allow to surf 24h/24.

NetvisiteursApp traffic exchange viewer

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